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Essential Skills Courses

At the heart of great photography is the relationship between your ideas and control of your camera.

PSC's Part Time Courses will unlock your ability to understand that relationship and create the photographs you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll go on an exciting journey opening your eyes to a whole new world of photography, while developing the skills to achieve fantastic results.

These courses are a sub-set of our highly acclaimed Advanced Diploma of Photography - and they are designed to provide busy people with access to the highest standard of photographic learning, expert teachers and fantastic facilities.

Each course is a step towards the next level of knowledge and skills. Once you complete the Essential Skills short course, you can continue with the Creative Photography Certificate course, Pro Photography Certificate course and progress to achieve the accredited Advanced Diploma of Photography and the option to continue on and complete the Bachelor of Photography.

Find out more about our Part Time Courses:

The Creative Capture course develops the first level of advanced photographic knowledge and skills. You will learn how to master your camera and a range of digital editing techniques within the context of:

  • Being visually inspired and seeing the world differently
  • Photographing with a new level of awareness
  • Photographic genres and styles
  • Light and contrast in photography
  • Capturing images and subject interaction
  • Creative applications in photography
  • Image quality and the impact of editing using Adobe Lightroom
  • Analysing photographic conditions and shooting on location
  • Ongoing feedback on your photographs

Time commitment and fees

  • Course duration 20 weeks (1 semester)

The Creative Photography Certificate is a more intensive Course that offers a higher level of learning and the first level of formal photography qualification.  It includes all the learning activity and outcomes from the Creative Capture Course plus more.  Your knowledge and skills will be enhanced by a more highly developed understanding and application of design and composition in photography.

In addition to everything in the Creative Capture Course - your extra unit of learning will include:

  • Understanding how composition and design works in photography and its impact on the photograph
  • Evaluating the meaning of images and visual story telling
  • How to create mood in photographs with colour

Time commitment and fees

  • Course duration 20 weeks (1 semester)

The Pro Photography Certificate provides further breadth and depth in the development of photographic knowledge and skills.  Equivalent to the first year of our Advanced Diploma of Photography, this course provides the full PSC experience. Learn to photograph as the professionals do!

Pro Photography Certificate students develop the ability to see the world around them as a professional photographer does in ways that dramatically impact results in personal or professional photography. This program opens the door to further learning in year 2 of the Advanced Diploma of Photography.

In addition to everything you learn in the Creative Photography Certificate Course, you will:

  • Gain advanced camera and exposure control
  • Learn to evaluate photographs and inject creative expression into your own work
  • Learn how to develop themes and visual stories in your photography
  • Increase your ability to photograph in a whole range of lighting conditions
  • Gain an awareness of artificial lighting and how to use it effectively
  • Use flash on and off the camera
  • Apply light direction and shaping
  • Build confidence in photographing people
  • Develop advanced digital image editing and retouching capability
  • Become familiar with Photoshop as a tool
  • Learn how to prepare your images for printing

Time commitment and fees

  • Course duration 40 weeks (2 semesters)

Weekend Workshop 1 - Location Lighting and People Photography

Students participating in the Creative Photography Certificate and Pro Photograhy Certificate programs, will gain exicting new skills in this intensive weekend workshop by learning how to:

  • Evaluate the requirements of working on location
  • Apply various light sources in a variety of situations and conditions
  • Photograph people and portraits on location in a varitey of conditions

Weekend Workshop 2 - Creating Mood With Light

Students participating in the Pro Photography Certificate program will learn to:

  • Analyse metering modes and equipment requirements
  • Work with flash and portable location lighting
  • Explore creative lighting in portraiture

Learn from world-class lecturers with like-minded people within state of the art facilities

Creative and Pro Photography Certificate courses guide (PDF)

Creative Capture Short Course, course guide (PDF)


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