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Dr. Hoda Afshar

BA Fine Art

Hoda is a practising visual artist and winner of the National Photographic Portrait Prize (March 2015). She is also a PhD candidate at the department of Art at Curtin University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art - Photography at Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran.

She started her career as a documentary photographer and was selected by 'World Press Photo' in 2006 as one of the top ten young documentary photographers of Iran to attend their Educational Training Program.

In 2007, Hoda moved to Australia and pursued her passion for art making by exploring various aspects of photography and other mediums such as sculpture and video. In 2010 she started a Masters in Fine Art at Curtin University and expanded her research into a PhD programme. Hoda investigates the academic discourses around contemporary social issues including globalization, imperialism and power relations, displacement and post-identity politics. Her artwork attempts to open lines of communication in a world both homogenized by global economy and unsettled by mass migration.

She tests diaspora, exoticism and altermodern cosmopolitanism for political, artistic and uncanny image-making possibilities.


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