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Documenting the impact of global events on the lives of people is at the core of what a photographer does. Right now, around the world, photographers and videographers are capturing the stories about the effects of the corona virus pandemic and bringing to them to our screens. What we are experiencing right now is history in the making.

At PSC, we are doing our part to contribute to the collection and creation of the many stories of this crisis and are reaching out to our students, alumni, teachers and the broader photography community to share your stories, photographs and projects through this time.

We have established a virtual gallery to capture your photographs about the effects of the crisis. We invite everyone in the PSC community and the public to join in and share their images with us.

We are also conducting a range of interviews with photographers, who are on the front line or in isolation, encouraging them to share their stories of photographing life amidst the pandemic.

To get us started, we have interviewed PSC teacher and alumni, Scott McNaughton who is also a photojournalist. Scott has been documenting a number of stories for The Age relating to the COVID-19 crisis. We hope his work inspires you to share you own stories of a moment in time unlike any we have seen before.





Join PSC and the local, national and international photographic community to document the COVID-19 pandemic for a visual record, living online archive, posterity – Real-Life Print Gallery Show (Date TBA post COVID).

We want to inspire all visual artists to keep their eyes peeled, observing life as it unfolds and rapidly changes – above all photographing!

This is FREE to take part in and open to everyone across the globe.

Please email with ALL of the following information below and images with a maximum size of 10MB:

1. Your Name:

2. Email:

3. Title of Image or Series:

4. Date of Shoot: 

5. Location, and who/what is in the photograph/photographs:

6. Sentence about the inspiration, story or meaning behind the image/images:

7. IG/FB/Twitter Tags if you want to be tagged if we post your image or images on socials (optional):

8. How did you hear about PSC's COVID Gallery?

9. Are you a PSC student, graduate, alumnus or past student - please specify?

10. How did you hear about PSC?

*Disclaimer by emailing us with the above information and images you are agreeing for us to use your submitted images on our online gallery, on our website, on all social and email platforms, and promotional materials relating to this campaign. In addition, once COVID is over PSC will hold a COVID gallery event showcasing a selection of submitted images. PSC reserves the right to post and showcase the images that are most suitable for the platform and that fit with PSC values.  

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1. Can I submit multiple images? Yes.

2. Can I keep submitting images over time? Yes.

3. Is there a deadline? No as this is ongoing until the COVID pandemic ends. 

4. How do you select images for your gallery? We have an in-house PSC selection team.

5. Will all photos submitted appear on your gallery page? No.

6. How will we know if our photos are selected for the gallery? You have to keep checking the site. 

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