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Our courses prepare our graduates to be highly visually and digitally literate, creative, innovative, resilient, entrepreneurial, agile and responsive.

These capabilities together with real world and career outcomes is evident in the career highlights of our graduates featured here:

Emma McEvoy

In late March 2016, Emma was the solo artist in an exhibition titled, 'SandCastles', which showcased her photo series from Namibia. Her exhibition was featured in publications and news channels such as BroadSheet and ABC News. She has exhibited her work internationally from New York to London and Switzerland. In 2013 she won the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Student Photographer of the Year Award as well as the 2013 Australian Commercial & Media Photographers (ACMP) Student photographer of the year.

Emma is a wonderful example of the qualities and attributes achieved by our graduates. She is creative, highly visually and digitally literate, entrepreneurial and responsive. In 2014 she was also awarded a highly sought after artists residency in Iceland.


Jordan Madge

Jordan's work was recently featured alongside a number of well established international photographers in the latest issue of the prestigious British Journal of Photography, titled 'Modern Myths'.

Earlier in 2016 Jordan staged a large solo exhibition in Tokyo Japan, where he showcased his major series 'Elysian Fields'. Due to the strength of this series he was then selected for a highly sought after artists residency with the The Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo where he was able to create an entire new series of work.

Throughout 2015 Jordan also received major awards for the high quality of his photo books including winning The Australian Photobook of the Year Award and he was selected as a finalist for the Photobook Melbourne Photography Prize.


Patrick O'Neill

Patrick now manages a small team at his professional studio space in inner Melbourne. He provides contemporary technological solutions to clients in content management, specialising in commercial photography and videography.

In 2015 Patrick received a Silver award in the AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards and a Silver Distinction in the AIPP Victoria Awards. His work was also featured in the contemporary Y.AMB magazine during the last semester of his course and he has also published two of his own photography books.


Theodor Olariu

Since graduating Theodor has taken on a leadership role at 'Stefador', a Melbourne based photography Services Company. He is concurrently operating his own commercial photography business, which grew out of the networks he established in his final year of the course. Operating in a global environment, he was a finalist in the Kuala Lumpur International Photography Awards (KLPA) and was a Silver Award Winner at the AIPP Victorian Awards.

Theodor had the photo books he created exhibited at a major Asian Photography Festival, the Malaysian Obscura Photography Festival held annually in Penang. This significant event also provided him with the opportunity and subsequent unique learning experience of managing an exhibition space at an international event.


Cyndi Briggs

In 2015 Cyndi won the 2015 AIPP Victorian Student Photographer of the Year, receiving three Gold Awards for excellence. In the same year she also received a Silver Distinction and a Silver Award.

Cyndi was again acknowledged for her excellence in photography when she took out the major award from Capture Magazine, as Australia's Top Emerging Photographer (Student Category).

Cyndi's visual aesthetic and highly proficient range of creative abilities has made her a valuable and sought after professional in the industry.


Claire Blankendaal

Since graduating Claire has commenced a position as Arts and Cultural Program Creative Director for Lentil as Anything Inc, an iconic Melbourne restaurant in the not for profit sector. This position draws on her ability to operate effectively as part of a culturally diverse team and engage in a meaningful way with the client base and diverse range of arts projects.

She recently showcased her work in the 2016 National Gallery of Victoria Art Book Fair and in 2015 she was awarded both Gold and Silver Awards at the AIPP Victorian Awards.


Raquel Betiz

During the final year of her course Raquel demonstrated a significant ability to articulate her ideas and creatively implement her intentions. As a result, her photography was featured in a number of important photography events and exhibitions, including the 2015 Ballarat International Foto Biennale. At this event her 'Forget Me Not' series was chosen as the official calendar artwork. In this series Raquel explored beauty and the natural world through an intricate exploration of native flowers. In January 2016 Raquel was selected for a solo exhibition of her photographic project 'Spot' at the emerging artist space Testing Grounds in Southbank.

This work questioned contemporary meanings of space and narrative through audience feedback and interaction. Raquel was an integral team member organizing the Graduate exhibition 'Thirty One', and working collaboratively to implement and design the group catalogue. At the 2015 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards she received two Silver Awards; one for the Illustrative category and one for the Documentary category. She also received a Silver Award for the AIPP Victorian Awards.

Sophie Pigram

Since graduating Sophie has been incredibly active in the photography industry and has continued to build her professional network. She is currently employed as a Studio Coordinator implementing her range of communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills in a busy eclectic photography business, The Photo Studio in Melbourne.

Sophie was a finalist in the 2016 Photobook Melbourne Photography Award and in 2015 her independent pursuit of creative platforms led to her work being featured in significant magazines such as Ignant, DeFuzed and Photo Art. Sophie was an active team participant in the recent 2016 National Gallery of Victoria Art Book Fair where a group of Graduates effectively articulated their ideas and displayed their current work. As a result, her photo book 'Other Fish' sold out.

She has demonstrated a responsive approach to the use of contemporary media and technologies, and a sensitivity to cultural diversity, so much so that later this year she will travel to the Malaysian Obscura Photography Festival in Penang, to assist with the visual design of the event and be part of the team to coordinate the festival's social media campaign.

Piers Fitton

Piers is in the thick of building a rich portfolio with clients from the fashion industry. He is currently working on a major assignment with clothing label Grand Scheme.

He is proving to be very capable in the industry driving his business with a range of professionals and collaborating with members of the wider creative industry. Piers is also undertaking an internship at The Photo Studio in Fitzroy, where he is building his network and immersing himself in the commercial studio environment.


Tracy Nicholas

Tracy is a very active commercial photographer based in Melbourne running her business Tracy Nicholas Photography (

Being an efficient and collaborative entrepreneur, she works with local and international clients, offering a range of photography services from high end retouching through to developing concepts and final images for both print and web. Her areas include dance, fashion, lifestyle and travel.


Chloe Smith

Extending her range of professional photography to genres such as fashion, country-landscape, lifestyle and children, Chloe's work has been recently published in the book titled 'My Dream Kombi' by Susan Redman. Harper Collins, Australia, is currently distributing this book. She was also recently published on a double-page feature for 'Travel Play Live' magazine.

Chloe is also currently employed as a photographer for The Weekly Times, covering rural properties, farmers, the environment and technology.


Lucie McGough

In her final year, Lucie was the winner of the Best Fashion Work Award in the 2015 Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) Salon, for her unique style of fashion photography. As a result, in early 2016 she received major assignments with The City of Melbourne and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Lucie has proven her ability to be an excellent collaborator with clients from a variety of industries, making her a self-starter with a professional approach to executing creative ideas.

She has recently published and will be marketing her second photo book 'The Sleeper and the Beech Tree', while juggling a diverse range of clients.


Amber McCaig

Amber has been constantly in demand since graduating. She is currently a content producer for Andrew Richey Photography and she also manages a collaborative team at the fast paced Ripe Studios in South Yarra.

In 2015 Amber's unique creative approach was recognized when she was invited to be one of only twenty one photographers in Australia to showcase their work as part of the Core Program at the 2015 Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

In this work her sensitive exploration of cultural diversity, and her well-developed visual communication and research skills were clearly on display. To undertake this 'Americana' series she travelled to many regional Victorian and New South Wales communities, interviewing and photographing an unseen community of individuals, which allowed audiences to celebrate and engage with their diversity.


Nathan Larkin

Nathan now runs his own innovative photography studio 'PhyNyght' a collective for photographers and photojournalists pursuing a range of projects and freelance work. This team works collaboratively and is committed to providing socially aware and ethically responsible outcomes. He is already extremely active in the Melbourne photography scene.

In February this year Nathan worked independently to coordinate the solo exhibition of his work 'Cede' at the sought after public space for new and emerging artists in Southbank, Testing Grounds.

His extensively researched body of work critically reflected on the socio-cultural history and memories of places, particularly focusing on the Yarra River and the psycho geography of waterways. He also received a Silver Award at the 2016 AIPP Victorian State Awards.

Sarah Lynch

Sarah is a prolific and active photojournalist who has a prolific Instagram feed '@focus_on_humanity' attests to that.

After completing her course, she received the prestigious Heartfelt Award for using photography to make a difference – something that she's still dedicated to. Sarah's not-for-profit organisation, Focus on Humanity, is focused on providing remote communities access to the tools of art and photography. The organization works with families and individuals in these communities to provide tools and training empowering them to express their vision through photography.

Sarah has recently been offered a solo exhibition in New York in 2018 and her work is currently being showcased at the Agora Gallery (New York) in an exhibition titled, 'Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand'.

Featuring a number of artists from Oceania, the exhibition's main focus is Sarah's photography series exploring and responding to the volcanic landscapes of New Zealand.


Chloe Carbines

Chloe has a successful commercial photography business by the name of White Rabbit Productions,

Before starting her own business, she worked in-house for an international boutique-clothing designer, shooting their images for their webpage and catalogues.


Sharon Hughes

Sharon has her own business Ash & Elm Studios

Prior to starting her own business Sharon held various positions including a portrait retoucher at Studio Star in Melbourne, and portrait photographer and studio manager at Viva Photography.


Olivia Mroz

At the end of 2015 Olivia started her own professional photography business 'Olivia&Thyme' where she is required on a daily basis to research and articulate photography solutions for a wide range of clients including food, portrait, lifestyle, wedding and significant events. She has had to draw on her ability to be responsive and create contemporary, well researched visual narratives for a range of fashion editorials in publications such as, and

Olivia was also awarded a Silver Award at the 2015 AIPP Victorian Awards.


Cassandra Tzortzoglou

Cassandra recently started her own commercial photography business 'Blossom Daisy Creative' (

In 2015 during her final year she was a finalist in the Photobook Melbourne 'Photography Award'. Cassandra has had her work published in twelve different journals and magazines and she has exhibited her photography in a large range of venues, including The Melbourne Museum, The Asia Pacific Archive and The Queen Victoria Women's Centre.


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