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Julia Balassopoulos First Year Bachelor of Photography Student

The Teachers Have A Lot Of Industry Experience Which Will Help My Future Career

"I'm surrounded by a lot of creative individuals who are like-minded and inspired every day. I leave the college feeling really hyped-up and full of energy. The teachers have a lot of industry experience, which will help my future career."

Avishka Senaratne First Year Bachelor of Photography Student

It Has Great Facilities And Everyone From The Staff To Students Are Amazing

"Every day the work gets more interesting, so you're always motivated to do your best. Also,  the lecturers are very understanding and always available for guidance, plus it has great facilities, and finally everyone from the staff to students are amazing!"

Farley Webb PSC Second Year Bachelor Of Photography Student

The Small Class Sizes Allow Plenty Of Opportunities To Build Lasting Relationships With Fellow Students As Well As The Teaching Staff

"PSC offers a great learning environment. The small class sizes allow plenty of opportunities to build lasting relationships with fellow students as well as the teaching staff. I’m grateful to be pursing my passion in photography at such a supportive institution."

Ashlen Plumridge PSC Second Year Bachelor Of Photography Student

It Feels More Like A Family Than Anything

"PSC has given me a chance to really explore my photography and be open to all kinds of approaches, which is something I wasn't confident in doing before. The best thing about being here is the people I get to work with and the friends I have made along the way. It feels more like a family than anything."

Yosando Faizal Second Year Bachelor Of Photography Student

Its Wonderful Mentors Constantly Inspire Me To Learn And Grow As A Photographer

"The beauty of PSC lies within its wonderful peers and mentors that constantly inspire me to learn and grow as a photographer."

Jules Perrenot Third Year Bachelor Of Photography

I Enjoy The Hands-On Quality Of Photography Studies College, There Is Constantly A Next Project To Shoot And It’s A great Way To Learn

"I enjoy the hands-on quality of Photography Studies College , there is constantly a next project to shoot and it’s a great way to learn. It has done a fantastic job handpicking the tutors who all have exciting practices alongside their teaching work. PSC is not a gigantic campus and people get to know you –  you're not just an ID number. I find I learn better when I can more easily engage with my environment."

Liam Semini Third Year Bachelor Of Photography

It's A Little Community Of Photographers Where Everybody Helps Each Other

"Here at PSC it's a little community of photographers, where everybody helps each other and it's amazing!"

Darrian Traynor Graduate Of The Bachelor Of Photography

This Was My Window Into The Industry

"I studied photojournalism at PSC  and immediately recognised the importance of the mentor program and assignments. This was my window into the industry. My mentor from those days is now one of my very good friends." 

Noah Thompson Graduate Of The Bachelor Of Photography

The Teachers Are Its Best Asset, They give A Lot And No Matter How Busy They Are, They Always Make Time For You

"The teachers are its best asset, they give a lot and no matter how busy they are, they always make time for you. Their combined experience, critical eye, theoretical and technical knowledge really cannot be overstated. They will push you, but they are wonderful."

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