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Eamon Gallagher

Eamon has  been teaching as a sessional tutor at the tertiary level at Photography Studies College since 2013 and teaches across all disciplines from the Bachelor Course First Year, Advanced Diploma Part-Time and Full-Time, and Certificate 4 Part-Time and Full-Time.

He is also a professional photographer working in advertising, commercial and editorial (primarily on national and metro newspapers, magazines and custom publishing), having completed a Bachelor of Science Education in 1990.

At PSC, Eamon's main educational role is to take students at various levels of competency with their camera craft. He takes them to a level where they become more than competent with their camera and apply their newly found techniques to various lighting situations either natural/ambient or the studio environment.

His main focus has been to introduce to students the theory and techniques of camera craft, looking at look at light application, examining the basic understanding of photography under a wide range of natural and artificial lighting conditions, and providing the theoretical underpinnings and practical skills required to implement a range of camera operations, with a view to producing creative photographic images.

Eamon also teaches an introduction to and exploration of genres in photography, the Digital Workflow within Adobe Light Room. Eamon takes a hands-on approach with students working in the field and in the studio, undertaking photographic problem solving for students to be able to effectively blend lighting theory with photographic practice.

Some examples of his photographic work are included here on his website.

Eamon Gallagher


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