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The Master of Arts Photography is designed to launch your career on the national and international stage. As part of the course, we have a mentorship programme pairing you with leaders in the field, covering a broad spectrum of practices and professional outcomes.

Please be aware that mentorships are facilitated by PSC and not individually.

Please see below a list of Mentors that you can access.

Angela Tiatia

Arko Datto

Anthony Luvera

Boris Eldagsen

Bruno Ceschel

Bryan Schutmaat

Clare Strand

Daniel Castro Garcia

Daniella Zalcman

Dragana Jurisic

Eamon Doyle

Edith Amituanai

Emma Phillips

Felicity Hammond

Ian Teh

Joanna Piotrowska

John Feely

Kazuma Obara 

Laura El-Tantawy

Lorenzo Vitturi

Louis Porter

Louise Clements

Mariela Sancari

Max Pinckers

Mathieu Asselin

Melinda Gibson

Melissa Catanese

Miwa Susuda

Pippa Milne

Rita Puig-Serra

Robert Zhao Renhui

Rohan Hutchison

Sarker Protick

Simone Rosenbauer

Tanvi Mishra

Vasantha Yoganantha

Vignes Balasingam

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