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Creative Photography Certificate

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Creative Photography Certificate

Course Dates

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One Semester


Real-time learning via Zoom. Includes interactive seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, workshops and practical participation. Whether you choose to study face-to-face OR in real-time via Zoom, all PSC students receive the same level of teacher guidance and support.

Course Codes

Accreditation Creative Photography Certificate

Career Outlook & Pathway

Credit is counted towards Pro Photography Certificate


Creative Photography Certificate

Creative Photography Certificate

Stand out from the crowd

It seems everyone thinks they're a photographer and images are everywhere! At PSC we know the essence of professional image making and how you can get your images to stand out from the crowd.

If you love travel photography, landscape, people, fashion, portraiture and want great results or are dreaming of a career change then our part-time photography certificate could be for you!

You learn creative practice, professional technique and how to step outside your comfort zone. You discover how to see in more creative ways, use light to create mood, and really start to use your camera and workflow like a professional.

Perfect blend of the creative and technical

Our Creative Photography Certificate has the perfect blend of the creative, technical and image review in every class - so you learn in a fun, dynamic and professional way.

You meet people who also love photography, get tangible feedback on your photos and your creative process. Learn from world-class lecturers, with like-minded people, within excellent facilities.

Images by PSC students: Lee Middleton and Marg Leddin



Entry Requirements

A passion for photography.

We welcome all levels of photographers.

Enrolment Procedure

Enrol into this course by following this link.

Tuition Fees
& Enrolment

Fee Information

Upfront Option

$3990 ($750 deposit on enrolment and a balance of $2800 payable within 7 days, plus $440 x 1 Weekend Workshop),


Monthly Instalment Option

$4,190 ($750 deposit on enrolment and 4 monthly instalments of $750, plus $440 x 1 Weekend Workshop).

This course is approved for Study Loans. Check your eligibility here.

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