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Advanced Diploma of Photography

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Advanced Diploma of Photography

Course Dates

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Four Years, Part Time
Two Semesters Per Year


Face-to-face OR real-time learning via Zoom
Whether you choose to study face-to-face OR in real-time via Zoom, all PSC students receive the same level of teacher guidance and support.

Course Codes

Accreditation 10999NAT

Career Outlook & Pathway

Photographer: Fashion, Commercial, Corporate, Editorial, Photojournalist, Videographer, Studio Manager, Image Production Manager, Pathway to Bachelor of Photography


Advanced Diploma of Photography

For students wanting to turn their passion into a career, there is the option to undertake our our unique nationally accredited and innovative part time Advanced Diploma of Photography (10999NAT) course. This qualification is designed to produce professional photographer graduates ready for a career in the photography industry, with access to PSC’s forty plus years of networks and experience.

Studying in our part-time Advanced Diploma of Photography comprises of two semesters per year for four years. However, the flexibility is also available for students to work at a lesser load and extend this course over a longer duration should that suit their circumstances better. As per the Certificate courses, you can choose between evening or day sessions, usually scheduled over one or two 3-hour classes per week.


The Pro Photography Certificate course is the equivalent to the first year of the Advanced Diploma of Photography. By completing the Pro Photography Certificate you have completed the first year of the unique Advanced Diploma of Photography course.


This level of your Advanced Diploma of Photography extends your techniques and creative abilities as you find a visual language and direction in your work. Practical hands-on classes in studio photography explore studio lighting, equipment and working collaboratively. Professional workflow and post-production are built on, as is the importance of the photographic print.


This year integrates your visual, technical and post-production skill sets to produce more sophisticated photographic images. Refining your personal style through creative folios, you focus on becoming a more independent learner. You also undertake external client-based projects working to a specific brief and deadline, enabling you to become adaptable in your approaches and gain real-world insights.


At this level of your Advanced Diploma of Photography, you are in the final stages of preparing for your professional photography career. You become immersed in the professional photography industry, establishing a career direction through your own practice, industry awards and industry networks. You continue the transition from student to photographer though your mentor relationship and build skills in the business of professional photography in your area of specialisation whether it be commercial photography, photojournalism or art photography. The focus is on building a professional and independent work style, while emphasising the working realities of the industry.


A key feature of our final year course is our Visiting Mentor Program. In addition to the mentors you will be required to connect with and form relationships within your final year, the College will provide you with access to a Visiting Mentor to assist you develop your area of specialisation in photography and to assist you with career direction. Appointments will be made for you to meet with the Visiting Mentor of your choice for a one-on-one session in both the first and second semester of your final year. Our Visiting Mentors are as follows: 

Sally Brownbill - Commercial Photography

Sally is the Managing Director of the The Brownbill Effect. She is one of Australia’s most highly respected and trusted creative intermediaries and has been at the forefront of the Australian creative industry for over 20 years. She is the great connector. Sally has the unique ability to combine her extraordinary knowledge and experience with a profound empathy for both creatives and those running creative businesses. Underpinned by a vast database Sally’s ability to connect people is second to none. Starting out as a photographer, Sally has since developed a professional reputation in Australia and overseas as the authoritative voice on folio construction, career advice and editing images for exhibition and websites. She has also become a much sought-after judge, lecturer and keynote speaker and sits on a variety of course advisory boards.


Michael Coyne - Photojournalism

Dr Michael Coyne has worked as a photographer for over 40 years, covering significant events in places as diverse as China, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Middle East and Africa. His work has been featured in magazines such as: Time, Life, Newsweek, and National Geographic. Michael’s extensive work has been featured in a number of solo exhibitions around the world. He has had many successful books published and a number of documentary films have been produced about his life and work. He has been awarded by the Australian Government for Service to Photography and also received the prestigious Honorary Fellowship award from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). Michael is also a Senior Fellow at PSC.

Samantha Everton - Art Photography

Samantha Everton is an internationally acclaimed, Melbourne-based photo-artist who has won multiple photographic and fine art awards. She has had her work exhibited widely in Australia and internationally, including Paris and New York galleries. She is widely known for her richly coloured explorations of identity, multi-culturalism, gender and childhood in addition to her extensive research and ability to design and create sophisticated sets using costume, jewellery props and skilfully evocative lighting. She is also highly respected for her commitment to photographic authenticity and her ambitious production processes in bringing her artistic vision to life. Her works are held in both private and public collections and have been published in numerous magazines including Vogue and the New Yorker Magazine.


PSC is a community of experienced practitioners and educators with national and international profiles in the areas of documentary, photojournalism, art, commercial photography, photobook publishing, curation and photographic theory.


Entry Requirements

Adults employed in the photography industry seeking a formal qualification; adults seeking to up-skill their photography practice and qualifications, adults seeking a career change, adults returning to the workforce and adults who just want to take great photos! Direct entry for Year 12; recently completed Year 12 students with some workplace experience.

Application Procedure

Apply online and one of our Course Advisors will be in touch. 

Tuition Fees
& Enrolment

Fee Information

Upfront option:

  • First Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $6,150 ($550 deposit on enrolment and balance of $5,600 due in 7 days)
  • Second Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $7,000 ($650 deposit on enrolment and balance of $6,350 due in 7 days)
  • Third Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $7,200 ($850 deposit on enrolment and balance of $6,350 due in 7 days)
  • Fourth Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $7,200 ($850 deposit on enrolment and balance of $6,350 due in 7 days)


Installment option:

  • First Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $6,450 for the year, ($550 deposit on enrolment and 10 monthly payments of $590)
  • Second Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $7,300 for the year, ($650 deposit on enrolment and 10 monthly payments of $665)
  • Third Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $7,500 for the year, ($850 deposit on enrolment and 10 monthly payments of $665)
  • Fourth Year of Advanced Diploma of Photography; $7,500 for the year, ($850 deposit on enrolment and 10 monthly payments of $665)


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